Best badminton rackets

Yonex ZR 100 light alluminium badminton racket

If you are beginner,then this racket suits well for you.It is light weight having weight not more than 100 grms. Its length is 68 cms,may be difficult for kids but suits for teenagers & adults.It’s suitable for fast smashes & defensive play as well.

It’s shuttle racket & not ball badminton racket.

You can change the string & is of plastic.It comes with medium level tension & suits for children & adults both.

All in all it’s worth money.

Size G3- U(95-99.9g)

Brand Yonex

Grip size G3

Sport Badminton

Material Alluminium

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Apacs Z-ziggler graphite grey unstrung badminton racket with full cover-

The Appacs Z-ziggler is developed to suit power based players.It is designed to give faster & sharper smashes & at the same time precise drop shot & netting play.It is developed with ‘triple speed system frame’ which increases speed in swing & thus improves overall execution with power & more control.

Extra slim shot reduces air friction making shot stronger & intense.

It’s light weight not more than 100 grms,made of graphite.Isometric head frame’ equalizes length of main.Hi modulus graphite the hmg is adopted in both the sides of the frame in order to give strength to produce high repulsion power.

This is not ball badminton racket.

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