Best dog foods

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Meat up adult dog food,3-kg(buy one get one free-

Dog can digest more proteins & less carbohydrates.Keeping this in mind the product is enriched with essential ingredients like chicken,eggs & vegetables combined with vitamins & minerals.It suits for all breeds of dogs.

Introduce this food with 10% proportional with current food.Gradually increase this over a week to give 100%.

It contains omega3 & 6 fally acids for healthy skin & coat.It also contains antioxidant for strong immune system.

Pedigree adult dry dog food, chicken & vegetables 10 kg pack-

A complete & balanced nutritional meal for your pet.It is enriched with quality ingredients, proteins 20%,fat10%, & max 5%.

The change from current food to Pedigree should be made gradually over seven days.

Store in air tight container,in cool & dry place.

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