Best nailpolish for women

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Revlon nail enamel,plum deluxe ,8 ml-

This nailpolish last longer with two coats of application.It gives bold, colourful look to your nails that last longer.

Chip defiant & antifade technology gives your nails brilliant & long lasting colour.

The bristles of the brush has smooth texture which provides great coverage with matte texture & shining with no bubbles,no streaks ,no brush marks.

You may try it for great satisfaction.

Lakme true wear colour crush nail colour ,shade14,9ml-

One coat of application is all that you need for picture perfect & super-trendy looking nails.It comes with colour lock technology due to which colour stays longer on the nails.Chip resistant feature keeps colour intact.

5 new glitter shades that gives your nails a silk sheen.

Shake well before use.It is available in various colours.

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