Best wireless mouse for laptops & PC

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Wired mouse have become a past history. Now-s-days wireless mouse used everywhere giving comfort to work.

HP 200 wireless optical mouse –

Designed for ultimate comfort, control & consistency this wireless mouse is perfect companion for everything you need to do on laptop.

This wireless optical mouse with adjustable DPI up-to 1600 ..& 2.4 Ghz connection.

The battery lasts up-to 18 months & you will know with built in indicator light ,when it becomes low.

You may try on variety of surfaces, having precise optical sensor with great resolution. DPI gives freedom to up or low speed perfectly.

Crafted to fit in left or right hand. It’s range is 20m.

Comes with 1 year warranty.

Lenovo 300 wireless compact mouse –

This is perfect accessory who travel for work, executives who gives presentations wanting greater control & freedom. Reception range being 10 m can easily fit in pocket.

2AAA batteries required for the operation. Battery 18 months.

It can be used for chromebook, for cp plus HD driver as well. Compatible to all laptops.

Comes with 1 year warranty.

Logitech M337 wireless mouse –

It can be used with any Bluetooth enabled computer, laptop or tablet, connects to Mac, windows, chrome OS & android.

Being curve shaped can suit to both left & right hand. Rubber grips keeps your hands comfortable after many hours.

Battery life is up-to 10 months. Navigational button & tilt wheels gives perfect control to palm.

Window 7.8.10 or latter is required. Mac OS*10.8 or latter, chrome OS or android 3.2 or latter required.

Lenovo 600 Bluetooth silent mouse –

Can be used for both laptop & PC with operating system chrome OS, window 10.1AA battery included in it,avg.battery life being 12 months. Blue optical sensor allows to work on any surface, with adjustable DPI controls.DPI resolution adjustable to three levels 800 ,1600 ,2400.

Silent buttons making less noise, pocket sized design, comfortably fits in the palm & easy to carry in pockets. 4 buttons are provided left click, right click, scroll & DPI switch.

Can be paired to two devices at once & quickly switches between them with push button, with Bluetooth 5.0 .& Microsoft swift pair technology.

Logitech pebble M350 wireless mouse with Bluetooth –

Can be used for laptop & PC. 1AA battery included, avg.battery life up-to 18 months.

Modern design fits your lifestyle, can be easily taken anywhere in pocket.

90% sound reduction, silent clicks & ultra quiet scrolling with wide rubber scroll wheels.

Dual connectivity, May connect either via Bluetooth or included tiny USB receiver.High precision, fast tracking within 10m of range.

Available in 3 colours.

Dell mobile wireless mouse MS3320 W –

Ideal on most desk surfaces, 1600 DPI sensor ensures high resolution screen easily. Optical sensors offers accurate tracking.

Easy dual mode connectivity offers option to pair & connect to any PC via 2.4 Ghz wireless or Bluetooth 5.0.

The top flip is magnetic & it can be put off & get back on it’s place easily.

1AA battery included. Three years advanced exchange service is offered & it’s a good deal.

Logitech M590 –

90% noise reduction, micro precision wheel makes scrolling through long documents faster & easier.

The 2 thumb buttons on mouse come programmed to move forward & backward through web pages, but should be configured first.

The USB receiver will be provided inside or along the mouse.

Rubber wheels allows wireless mouse seamless control across multiple devices to copy & paste the content between two computers.

Connects up-to 6 devices via 1 unifying receiver.

Logitech MX master 25 –

Requires Logitech option software to download from official website & customize the buttons with Logitech option software to execute frequently used tasks.

Mouse mould manufactured from original hand sculpted design which supports hands & wrists in comfortable manner. Tracks virtually anywhere even on glass.

Rechargeable battery 1AA ,Max.battery life 24- months, full charge lasts upto 2 months.

Unique thumbwheel makes scrolling effortless. Pair up-to 3 computers via Bluetooth wireless or unifying USB receiver & switch between computers at the touch of button.

Ultra-accurate 4000 DPI laser sensor gives flawless control on any surface even on glass.

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