Best nintendo switches

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Nintendo switches being extremely popular difficult to choose one from other. I am reviewing the most popular yet moderate priced.

Minecraft –

Minecraft is game about placing blocks & going adventure. Build amazing things from simplest of homes to grandest of castles.

Play over 100 playable characters from the LEGO movie -2 & revisit iconic locations from the first film. Make journey to syster system & discover new world.

Build structures to unlock more rewards & missions.

It works with Nintendo switch light. You can play multi-player with two remotes.

Cheapest of all.

FIFA 21 standard edition (Nintendo switch) –

Whether it’s on the streets or in the stadium, FIFA 21 has more ways to play than before including UEFA champions league & Conmebol libertadors.

Features the latest kits & squad updates for upcoming season, updated presentation.

Moderate price should buy.

Pokemon : sword (switch) (Nintendo switch) –

This game takes place in Galar region.Gallar region is an adyllic countryside, contemporary cities, thick forest & craggy snow covered mountains.

Newly discovered partner Pokemon joins new iterations Grookey, Scorbunny & sobble.

Begin your adventure as Pokemon trainer by choosing one of three. Then start journey in new Gallar region & challenge the trouble makers while unravelling the mystery behind the Legendary Pokemon Zacian & Zamazenta.

Most popular Nintendo, must play once.

Nintendo switch lite – Turquoise –

Comes with 5.5 inches touch screen handled,having 32 GB storage, compatible with Nintendo switch games that supports handheld mode.

one lithium iron battery is provided having capacity 3570 mAh. Battery life depends on the game you play, approx.3-7 hours.

Joy-con controllers are not included in it. System update is required so internet connection is must.

You can play game offline if saved on tf card or using game chip. You have to pay for games separately.

It carries no warranty.

Nintendo -version -2 switch with joy-con –

This Nintendo switch with neon red & neon blue designed to fit from home console to portable system. The joy-con controller included in it to give game play flexibility.

You can enjoy HD gaming on your TV by this switch. You can use tabletop mode to flip the stand to share the screen & share the fun with family members or friends.

You may unlock your console & keep playing in handled mode.

Battery life depends on which game you play, approx.5-9 hours.

For more play style joy-con are detachable from either sidefor multiple players. Additional joy-con sold separately.

Games are sold separately, still you can download free games from Nintendo e-shop. Conversion plugs are needed.

No warranty is given, still might be replaceable.

May seem overpriced, but worth price.

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