The best tripods for mobile & camera

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Tripods have become the essential need of every mobile or camera owner to shoot any event or for better photography. Tripod produces good quality of photos & videos. You may shoot you tube videos very easily with tripods.

Carbon fibre tripods are light weighted & easy to carry but more expensive while aluminum tripods are cheap & useful for amateurs. Depending on your need & budget I recommend following.

Amazon basics 50-inch lightweight tripod with bag –

Made up of light weighted aluminum, easy to carry from one place to another effortlessly. Easily foldable, handles rotate down, the legs contracts in to make short & compact size. Fits easily into the provided zippered bag for portability.

3-section lever lock legs can be easily adjusted to desired height individually or all three. The full height of 50- inches is achievable. An e tended gearless center post easy movement & adjustment. Rubber feet ensures stability on any surface.

Quick release mounting plates makes easy to remove camera from the tripod.

Three way head allows to easily change orientation of the camera for portrait & landscape option. Turning knobs to secure tripod allows full Panaromic with 360 degrees swivel function.

Recommended for Max.weight of 2kg camera. Mobile holder is not included in it.You have to purchase universal tripod mobile holder separately.

Best buy at this price.

Photron stedy 420 tripod 50 inch with mobile holder –

Made up of aluminum alloy & thicker leg tubes keep camera steady on any surface. It can be easily accommodated in your bag & can be carried anywhere.

Max.working height being 4- feet & min.working height 1.31 feet. It includes carry bag & mobile holder. With standard tripod hole you can install in any 1/4 inches tripod stand.

Tripod three way head allows to change easily the orientation of camera from portrait to landscape. Turn the knobs to secure & tilt any angle.

Phone bracket is adjustable & lightweight to carry.

It is equipped with level tester, can detect horizontal position, when ground is not in level. For added convenience quick release lever coupled with self adjusting camera platform.

Best buy at this least price.

Amazon basics 60 inch light weight tripod with bag –

Light weighted tripod perfect for most of the cameras, can withhold up-to 3kg of weight. The built-in bubble level above the legs let you know the level of the ground. The rubber feet helps you achieve the perfect position.

3-way head is provided for tilt & swivel motion for portrait or landscape option. Quick release mounting plate makes fast transitions between two shots.

The height extendable up-to 60 inches.

Carrying case is included but mobile holder is not included, you have to purchase universal tripod mobile holder separately.

Digitek DTR 550LW tripod –

This tripod is made up of aluminum alloy legs with nonslip rubber feet which includes 3 flip-flop locks for adjusting the height of each leg.

3 way head allows to easily change the orientation of camera from portrait to landscape. Turn the knob to secure & tilt the camera through 360 degrees swivel function.

The bubble head is provided to detect the horizontal position. You may adjust the position if ground is not in level.

Quick release mounting plates makes easy to remove camera from the tripod ensuring fast transitions between shots & shift the location.

Operating height adjustable up-to 5.57 feet. It can withstand weight up-to 4.5 kg. Also you can adjust spread of legs very easily.

Compatible with most video cameras & useful camera accessory for both novice & professional photographers.

Digitek DTR 520 BH –

Having weight 1.5 kg, this tripod is made up of aluminium alloy legswith nonslip rubber feet. It includes three flip up locks for adjusting the height.

It is equipped with bubble head, which can detect the horizontal level, makes you aware to recognise & adjusts the tripod legs.

It can be adjusted Max.height up-to 151 CM & min.height 32 CM. You can adjust the speed of the legs at different heights where one or more legs are not at the same angle.

You can fold this tripod, folded height being 45 CM. can be easily portable.

It can handle the weight up-to 7 kg, comes with tripod carry bag.

Not compatible for slider & more suits for small lens cameras & not for professional photography.

May seem somewhat costly but worth price.

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