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Pollution has increased immensely in recent years. Crowded cities, smoke of vehicles, increased industrial area, green house gases increased pollution a lot. Home atmosphere is not less but more polluted than outer. Conjusted living, small houses, less open space & windows, deodrands & cleaning chemicals, even pets add more pollution to home atmosphere. If any Of The homemate is having asthma, any allergies or any respiratory problem air purifier is the solution.

If you are thinking to purchase air purifier, you should know the basic things about it.

Air purifiers are classified on the basis how they purify the air.

Ozone purifier – Ozone kills bacteria & viruses in the air. At the same time ozone is harmful to human being. So such purifiers should be avoided.

Air ionizer – It ionises the air molecules due to which bacteria & viruses stick to wall but keep alive. Sometimes these air purifiers release ozone.So these also should be avoided.

The best option is to select air purifiers with HEPA filter & better CADR.

What is HEPA & CADR?

High Efficiency Particulate Air filter is shortly termed as HEPA filters. It removes the particles of diameter .3 micron which include dust, bacteria & more. Theoretically it gives 100% pure air. HEPA filters are made up of twisted thin fibres of glass with activated carbon based material.

HEPA filters can remove the particles up-to .3 micron but it can’t remove bad smells & harmful gases. To remove this, activated carbon filter is needed. It removes toxic gases from the air. To be more accurate a pre-filter is required to remove big particles like human or pet hair, cobwebs etc.

Thus the air purifier should be combination of pre-filter, HEPA filter & carbon activated filter.

Clean Air Delivery Rate is termed as CADR. CADR shows the volume of air in cubic feet per minute purified for a certain particle like smoke, dust, pollants.Higher CADR rate shows higher purified air Generally more than 400 scale for dust, smoke & pollen is better.

CADR scale is shown like this, 320/400/450.First number denotes smoke CADR, second for dust & third for pollen.

Things to be considered before purchasing air-purifier –

Maintainance- If you use HEPA air-purifier, the duration Of The filter is 7-12 months. Filter should be replaced within a year. So first of all you should consider maintainance cost.

Power consumption – The next main thing is power consumption. As air-purifier will run more than 10 hours the energy consumption should be thought over carefully. An air-purifier consuming less than 200 watts should be preferred.

Noise – Noise level should be as low as possible to not to disturb your sleep in night. Generally a large unit at low speed should be preferred.

Automation – Some air -purifiers automatically gauge the pollution level & adjusts the speed Of The fan. Off-course these are costly.

After-sales-services – You have to replace the filters per year. So good after-sales-service is needed to install or any problem happens.

So that is enough. Now are you ready to purchase one? Here are few.

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LEVOIT Air purifier –

Dimension – 8.7*8.7*16.25

Item weight – 7.48 pounds

Ozoneँ free

Featuring vortexair technology & 360 degrees air intake.

Cleans 547sq.feet in 30 minutes.

Featured with HEPA filter having toxin absorber filter, smoke remover filter & pet allergy filter.

Noise level 24dB.Choose sleep mode for quieter operation.

Energy star verified. Suits anywhere in the room.

No. 1 in air purifier.

Medify MA 40 air purifier with H13 true HEPA filter (840sq feet coverage) –

Dimensions – 10.5*11*22 inches

weight – 15 pounds

Coverage area – 840 sq feet

CADR – 380 m cube /hour

Timer – 0-8 hours

Cleans up-to 1600 sq feet area in one hour.

Captures fine particles than HEPA H 11,removes smell, dust, smoke, pet dander.

Ultra quiet noise level 46-66 dB

Touch screen, filter replacement indicator, child lock feature.

Suits for home, bedroom, office, school, classroom, hospital, restaurant.

CARB, ETL & energy certified.

True H13 HEPA air purifier, low noise, auto mode, 3 fan setting, negative ion -(1500 sq feet)

Colour – white

Brand – Hestom

Dimensions -11*11*25.6 inches

Weight – 17.6 pounds

Filter – HEPA

It includes primary filter, H13 HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, C+barrel filter technology.

Premium Japanese motor can run 50000 hours continuous. Air changes 2 times in one hour.

3 different indicators colours green, blue, red reflects the air quality of the room. When in auto mode it automatically select the best speed according to the air quality.

It has timing function 1/2/4 hours. 3 fan speeds, low medium, high & 4 speed modes, auto, negative ion mode, sleep mode, timing mode. Also it has filter replacement indicator.

CARB certified. Suits for medium & large rooms, bedrooms, kitchens.

CLEANFORCE extra large air purifier (3000 sq feet) –

Colour – white

Brand – Cleanforce air

Dimensions – 15.5*14.5*31.5 inches

Weight – 36.4 pounds

It filters upro 5000 sq feet in 1 hour. It has dual air intake & twin turbo fans which gives 2*4 layer filtration. It has 2 plastic pre-filter & 2 multiintegrated filters, combining nonwooven fabric filter & H13 HEPA filter with activated carbon filter.

You may operate toutch-screen or remote. It features auto mode, 4 fan speed, 12 hour timer, sleep mode, 4 colour LED showing air quality, auto on-off & child lock.

ETL listed, FCC certified, Energy Star verified, CARB verified.

Suits for big rooms, hospitals, schools.

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